The Cult of the Godes

“When the people forget their duty to the Godes they are no longer human and become something less than beasts. They have no place in the bosom of humanity nor in the heart of the Godes. Let them die and be forever forgotten.”

— From Edicts of the Holy Synod of the Adeptus Ministorum.


The Cult of the Godes is the official and only state religion of " xxx xxx xxx ". It is devoted to the worship of the Godes of Mankind as the ascended divinity and saviour of humanity. Those who believe in the Cult’s teachings hold that the Godes is a living spiritual entity and the only true divinity of humanity. The Cult of the godes is lead by the Adeptus Ministorum, also known as the Ecclesiarchy, who devote their lives to spreading the Word of the Godes and doing her will. Almost all variants on the Cult of the godes are tolerated by the Ecclesiarchy’s priests, but all worship of the Godes must comply with certain Imperial values including, but not limited to: unquestioning political loyalty to the High Lords of " xxx xxx xxx " and the various agencies , diligence in carrying out the Godes’s will, belief in the Godes’s ultimate divinity, and conscious contributions to the " xxx xxx xxx " overall well-being, even if this means nothing more than helping to improve one’s own home City or even just home Town.

The Cult of the Godes

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